Our Horses Big and Small

“Ace” our 15 year old Quarter Horse won first place in the Walk/Optional Gait.

Patriotic “Ace” ready for the Veterans Day Parade.


“Ace” and “Sassy” ready for the parade to begin.
“Ace” being swarmed by kids at the American Royal and loving every minute of it.


“Ace” pulling his surrey getting warmed up for Katy Days Parade in Parsons Kansas.


“Stormy” our 11 year old miniature horse. He got first place in Dressage, Cones and high point overall in the Training Level, those ribbons are as tall as he is.
“Stormy at last year’s CDE. He won first place of Very Small Equines (VSE), first place overall VSEs and first place in the Training Level.


“Snickers” visiting the senior citizens.
“Snickers” won third place in the driving class.


“Stormy”, “Mom”, “Kira”, and “Ace” before the Veteran’s Day Parade in Downtown Leavenworth.
“Snickers”, “Miss Pix”, “Mom” and “Shag” at a Christmas Parade.


“Miss Pix” and Marsha accepting their first place ribbon at the Longview Horse Park Show.

American Royal Parade Kansas City:

Getting Ready:

Lining up:

Donkeys "are not" stubborn they are very cautious when approaching any thing new.

End of Parade: