About Us


"Rocking M miniatures" is located in northeast Kansas. We are dedicated to the preservation and promotion of the of miniature horse and donkey. We raise and train Miniature Donkeys and Horses for companions and show. We handle our equines several times a day and praise ourselves for having people oriented donkeys and horses. 

We are very active in promoting miniatures through children’s education programs, nursing home and church visits, senior citizens events, parades, Equifest and Pet Expo. We train our equines to have basic skills and some are trained for driving. We usually have a donkey or horse or two for sale that are trained to harness. We love and enjoy our equines and can frequently be seen driving our country roads with our companions. We promote the fundamentals of driving by reaching out to children informing them of the importance that horse drawn vehicles have played in our history. We support new owners with frequent calls and support whenever needed. Most of all we want all of our horse/donkey owners to be successful and happy with their purchase. We also have a black jack we offer to outside jennets.


Tim & Marsha Mendenhall